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About Us

Green Komet established in the year 2007, since then we have catered HR Services to various industries in India. We are one of the preferred HR vendors for companies in developing and delivering personal solutions that are customized according to the specific operational and HR requirements of organizations. We understand that Digitization existentially affects all companies and all its employees which is why we took the responsibility of transforming the industrial standards by training the employees to the current trends & to nurture them to get ready for evolution.

Green Komet provides high quality coaching and corporate training that helps our clients to achieve maximum business potential. We provide solutions based on leading edge technologies, suppoted by scientific facts and background, delivered professionally by our certified and experienced trainers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our customers with the optional range of content that directly meets their learning needs and goals. All content is relevant, practical and tailored to the specific context of each target group that we work with.

Our Methodology

Our Unique methodology will cover entire training session based on the client's availability and convenience. Out Time management team will schedule the sessions within the time period provided by the clients and course duration will be customized to complete the course on time.

Our Trainers

Our Trainers are leading domain experts with upto date knowledge on latest trends and technologies to handle the sessions to deliver high standards of training.

Tailored & best in class coaching

Green Komet provides its clients with tailored, best in class coaching, training & self development solutions to help them achieve maximum potential.

All our training incorporates proven, leading edge techniques, reinforced by scientific neurological facts to help embed learning. This is delivered using case studies and exercises in an interactive, collegiate environment.

The training offered in inspired by proven communication models that will dramatically enhance the contribution of your people to your organization.

Training Modules

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Definition
Benefits of Industry 4.0
Key principles
Principles of Smart Factory

Soft & Behavioural Training

Leadership Training
Communication Skills
Time Management
Managerial Skills

Sales Training

SPANCO - Basic Selling Skills
SPIN - Consultative Selling Skills
Retail Selling Skills
Negotiation Skills

Functional Training

Product Training
Process Training
Technical Training

HR Training

Employee Induction
Competency Mapping
KPI Management
Hiring Skills

BPO Training

Accent Neutralization
Product Training
Customer Handling
Customer Service

Personality Development

Image Consulting
Neuro Linguistic Training
Public Speaking
Business Communication

Motivational Training

Johsc Training
Goals & Limiting Belief

Why choose us?

Effective models

Training models were born out of extensive research into how people behave in group and one-on-one situations.

Competitive Prices

Green Komet creates training around the specific requirements of the organisation at highle competitive prices.


Our Training modules are ideal for limited training budget but powerful and targeted training that low-cost online programs cannot effectively provide.

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